Meet the Staff

Jamie Lin ’19:Hi, my name is Jamie Lin and I am the sophomore opinions page editor. Outside of Ursuline, I currently participate in choir and dance. I also enjoy reading, listening to music, and traveling. I am excited to write stories and to be more aware of events happening at school this year!
Molly Donohoe ’18: Hi, my name is Molly Donohoe and I am a junior at Ursuline. I am the assistant online editor and am so excited to be a part of The Bear Facts for the second year! At Ursuline I am an ambassador and a member of student council. My favorite subjects are english, history, and of course journalism! I’m extremely happy I am part of this organization and excited for the year! Go Bears!!

Mia Estrada ’18: Hi! My name is Mia Estrada and I am currently a junior. This year I am the School News page editor for The Bear Facts newspaper. I absolutely love to write and I plan to pursue a career in journalism. I love the atmosphere of the staff and the satisfaction of creating something as a team for the whole student body to read. I hope you enjoy it!

Catherine Jones ’18: Hi my name is Catherine Jones and I am the junior global features page editor.  Outside of school, I enjoy ballet and tutoring the kids at Trinity River Mission.  I am so excited to start working on the Ursuline newspaper staff and to learn more about what’s going on around the school!
Samantha Hartman ’18: Hi, my name is Samantha Hartman. I am the spread editor for The Ursuline Academy Bear Facts. I play volleyball at Ursuline and I also play club volleyball for Attack volleyball team.  My favorite subject is English. I like to travel. I have been to London, England and Brussels, Belgium. Go Bears!
Catherine Lindberg ’18: Hi my name is Catherine Lindberg and I am a junior at Ursuline Academy. Before I went to UA I attended Christ the King middle school for nine years. I play on tennis on the UA tennis team and play piano outside of school. Go Bears!
Charlotte Pan ’18: Hi, my name is Charlotte and I am a junior this school year. I took journalism last year as a sophomore and I am super excited to start writing for Bear Facts! A few hobbies of mine include basketball, reading, creative writing, and playing the guitar. I can’t wait to see what this year will bring for the school newspaper.

Sarah Burke ’17: Sarah Burke is currently serving her first year on the newspaper staff as a senior. She is actively involved in National Charity League and thoroughly enjoys participating in various community service organizations. Sarah is on the board of the Let Them Eat Cake Club and a member of National Honor Society. Outside of school, she enjoys hanging out with friends and reading a good book.
Caren Buskmiller ’17: Hi my name is Caren Buskmiller and I’m the Co-editor for The Bear Facts. Besides working on the newspaper, I like to act and I recently went to a college program over the summer.
Hope Corbin ’17: Hey my name is Hope Corbin and I am a senior this year at Ursuline. I am hoping to attend college next year at Spring Hill in Mobile, Alabama where two of my older brothers are currently enrolled. I would like to study either teaching, journalism, or social working, but I am still mulling it over. This is my first year on the newspaper staff and I hope it’s a great one.
Taylor Gibbons ’17: Hi! My name is Taylor Gibbons, I am a senior and this is my first year on newspaper. I’m also an officer of the Best Buddies club at Ursuline and in the Refugee Awareness club. In my free time I like to hang out with friends, play with my dog and try new restaurants in Dallas. This year I am going to be a reporter for the online newspaper.
Becca Hebert ’17: Hi, I’m Becca Hebert and I am a business manager and Entertainment page editor this year! It is my second year on the newspaper staff and I am really excited! I love to run, tumble, and travel.
Hannah Ni’Shuilleabhain ’17: Hi, I’m Hannah Ni’Shuilleabhain, the Webmaster, and in the class of 2017. This is my secoond year on the staff, and I’m really excited to write stories and be a part of the news world!
Kate Patrick ’17: My name is Kate Patrick and I am a senior serving as Sports Editor for the newspaper. This will be my first year writing for The Bear Facts. Outside of school, I run cross country and track, and play the piano. I am also a member of the Autism Awareness Club, Model UN, and NHS.

Claire Roberts ’17: Hi! My name is Claire Roberts, I’m a senior this year at Ursuline, and I am the Spread Editor for The Bear Facts! I love art, reading, museums, and new experiences so I am very excited to be a new member of the Newspaper staff this year, and I look forward to learning more about the paper and its staff!

 Mr. William Thompson: Photographer

Mr. Thompson has been in the visual arts department at Ursuline Academy for almost 17 years.  He is currently teaching, among other subjects, digital photography. will feature photography by Mr. Thompson and by his students in upcoming posts.